5 Things I’ve Experienced in my Restaurant after I Purchased an iPad POS

Discover the 5 things a restaurant owner experienced after he had purchased an iPad Point of Sale system and why you should purchase one as well.

Mark Dillon is a famous restaurant owner and manager of the restaurant Lupo. This restaurant is a casual Italian restaurant in Turks and Caicos. Even though his restaurant was popular, he always wanted to do more.

So, he decided to take the business to the next level and switch from pen and paper order-taking to an iPad POS. After he did this, 5 things happened. Here is what Mark had experienced:

  1. The Guests Get Their Drink Faster – Mark encouraged all of his staff members to accept TouchBustro tableside. Once they input the orders in the iPad, the drinks are processed or they are being made and ready when the waiter comes to the bar.
  2. No More Lost Tickets – Another thing Mark experienced is no more lost tickets in the kitchen. There were simply no more lost tickets in the kitchen and there were no problems with the waiter’s handwriting as well.
  3. A Valuable Real-Time Information at His Fingerprints – The best thing about TouchBistro is that it can take an immense burden ofn your shoulder as you will be able to have all the information you need at your fingerprints. You can check the sales, check your stock of items, and etc. For example, you can check the sale numbers and if you haven’t reached your monthly goals, you can encourage your employees to sell more cocktails or desserts.
  4. Simplified Accounting – You can forget about complicated accounting as with the iPad POS system the accounting will be the easiest thing in the world. You will be able to break down all of your sales with only a few clicks. No more digging through the accounting paperwork or worrying about possible accounting mistakes. Now, you can check your weekly or monthly sale with just one click.
  5. The Guests are Simply Wowed – According to Mark, his guests at the restaurant were simply amazed by this positive change. The iPad POS system absolutely changed the way they do business today. They managed to improve the customer experience and provide a better service to their guests.

If you want to improve the service at your restaurant, implementing an iPad POS system is all you need to do!

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